SFS- Flores School Project (The Netherlands)

SFS is a small Dutch NGO founded in 2009 to help support Flores Village Partners in building the Zeu School. They have gone on to contribute significant funds towards all our school projects in Flores including €12,500 in 2012 towards new classrooms in Zeu, €7,000 in 2014 towards the new classrooms for Wawa, and run 2016 over €13,000 for the new school complex in the Niobium's villages. SFS have also committed another €23,000 plus, towards new classrooms to be built in Wawa Village in 2017/2018. 

representatives of SFS have travelled to the projects in Flores multiple times and formed a close relationship with our school communities. Visit the SFS website to find out more; 

Catholic Community in Western Australia (Mandurah and surrounds)

The Catholic community in the south west of Western Australia continues to provide significant support for our projects in Flores. 

  • St Damien's Catholic Primary School (Dawesville, WA)

  • St Damien's Catholic Parish (Dawesville, WA)

  • Kolbe Catholic College (Rockingham, WA)

  • Mandurah Catholic College (Mandurah, WA)

  • Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School (Rockingham WA)

  • 7 Catholic primary schools in the Diocese of Bunbury, WA. 

Flores Café  (Melbourne, VIC)

A group of young adults originally from Wonga Park reformed Church in Melbourne has provided support for water projects in communities of Wajamala and Rematapi. A video they put together on this work can be viewed on our Water page under. Flores Café are also making significant contributions towards building the new school in Matago. 

World Relief Australia

World Relief Australia (WRA) is a boutique overseas aid agency that equips people and organization in delivering global poverty solutions. We partner with World Relief Overseas Aid Fund, by acting as its agent for fundraising and the delivery of relief and development projects in developing continues. Flores Village Partners is a signatory to the World Relief Australia Code of Conduct, a voluntary code that sets minimum acceptable standards for smaller NGO's that work in the international relief and development sector.