Our History

Early days in Bali

Flores village Partners first began in the late 1990's as a group of friends mostly from the Mandurah area south of Perth, Western Australia. These friends carried out small development projects for a group of orphanages in Bali, run by the Widhya Asih Foundation.

The group formally established an Australian NGO in 2007, but then under the name 'Widhya Asih Australia' to reflect its work at that time. 

Through its early work in Bali, the organization came in contact with a steel contractor from the Indonesian Island of Flores, who asked them to visit the village where he was from. This was the organization first introduction to Flores.

Over the next 2 to 3 Yeats, the focus of the organization work changed from Bali to Flores. by 2010 the organization had wound up involvement with the Widha Asih Orphanages , and changed its name to Community Bridge Builders International, or CBBI.

Focus on Flores

when first invited to Flores in 2007 the organization was introduced to the Zeu villages near the town of Bajawa. The poor living conditions were vey concerning and it appeared that many of the children were not thriving and had limited accesss to schools. Initial project work focussed on providing clean water, medical assistance and the development of a new primary school. 

Flores Village Partners continued to expand its work in Flores and to date had built three school, provided clean water to five communities (over 40 villages), and delivered several health projects across these communities. 

Changing our name in 2015

In 2015 the organization decided to change its name from CBBI to Flores village Partners. this change was made to help people better identify who the organization is and where it works. It reflects the organizations commitment to the people of Flores and the genuine partnership with the village communities where we work. 

Yayasan in Flores

'Yayasan' is the Indonesian term for foundation or NGO (non-government organization).

The Yayasan Flores Village Development Foundation is the local organization in Flores through which Flores Village Partners carries out all its development work. Flores village Development Foundation was established in 2008 and is based in the town of Bajawa in central Flores. The organization employs two local people all time, Mr Moses Jala (Aid Coordination and Development Coordinator) and Miss Maria Goretti (Office Assistant). 


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Moses has been working with Flores Village Development Foundation since October 2010 and manages all our projects in Flores. Moses is a skilled communicator and manager of people and projects. Having grown up in a rural village near Bajawa, he has an intimate knowledge of the local people in the area. In addition to completing his Masters in Education Leadership at Adelaide University he has had experience working for AusAid. This means Moses has a high leave of Knowledge regarding community development work and is Alsop familiar with relating to Australian people and organizations.